'Stage One' Menu


Bowl of House Chips (8)

Served with herb dip, HRD ketchup


Pickle chips (7)

Bread and butter pickles, battered and fried, served with herb dip


On Bread

All dishes come with house chips or greens; substitute side bean salad (2)


 Open-faced Meatloaf Sandwich (17)

Beef & bacon meatloaf, tomato jam, beer-braised onion on challah bread


Grilled Cheese* (13)

Swiss, aged cheddar on white bread

Add honey ham (3)


BLT* (14)

Classic bacon, lettuce and tomato on challah bread

add aged cheddar (2)


Mushroom Toast* - V (15)

Portobello and shiitake mushrooms, sage, cream on Danish rye


Spiced Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich (14)

Fried chicken breast, mixed lettuce, fresh tomato, honey sriracha


Oliver Burger (15)

⅓ pound beef and pork patty with aged cheddar, beer-braised onions, lettuce, pickle, and HRD ketchup

Add smoked bacon (3)


Smokey* on a Bun (14)

Pork smokey, beer-braised onions, sauerkraut, stout mustard

Add bacon (3)

Soups and Salads


Mediterranean Bean Salad - GF, V+ (15)  

Chickpeas, brown rice, zucchini, kale, bell peppers, red onion, jalapeno and mint pesto 

Add 6 oz grilled chicken breast (7)


Chef’s Salad - GF (16)

Mixed lettuce, boiled egg, honey ham, aged cheddar, 

tomato, cucumber, creamy herb dressing


Dill Pickle & Potato Soup - V+ (9)

Served with buttered rye*

*gluten free bread substitute (2)


Ice Cream Sandwich (3)

Calmar Bakery Skor chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream

Classic Apple Strudel (6)

Served warm with whipped cream

Lemon Bar - GF (6)

Lemon on top of almond crust with fruit compote


All served with house chips and HRD ketchup

Chicken strips (8)  

Classic grilled cheese (8)

Mini beef and pork burger  (8)