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Pickle Chips (V) - $7

Fried bread and butter pickles with coriander mayo 


Brussels Sprouts (V) - $12

Oven roasted, balsamic and parmesan tossed

Add maple bacon crumble - $7


Schnitzel Bits - $11

Crisp breaded pork schnitzel sticks with lemon parsley cream


Soup and Salad

Classic Tomato Soup (GF,V+) - $11/$6

Basil oil, chicharrón de harina (not GF)

Bison Chili con carne (GF) - $15/$8

Thundering Ground bison chili topped with sour cream and shredded cheese


HomeRoom Salad (GF,V) - $13

Mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, zucchini

with buttermilk ranch dressing

Add garlic shrimp - $9

Add masala paneer - $7



Served with your choice of house chips, HomeRoom salad, or tomato soup

*Gluten-free bread substitute - $2

Add bacon $3

Add cheddar $2


Grilled Paneer Naanwich (V) - $16

Masala fried paneer, zucchini and carrot sticks, 

apricot chutney, coriander mayo on warm naan

Spiced Crispy Buttermilk Chicken - $17

Buttermilk brined chicken breast, battered and fried

With tomato, lettuce and mayo on Kaiser bun


Deluxe Burger* - $17

5 oz beef and pork patty, aged cheddar,
beer-braised onions, lettuce, pickle, house ketchup on Kaiser bun


Classic BLT* - $15

Hickory bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on Challah bun


Grilled Cheese (V)* - $14 

Alberta butter cheese, aged cheddar on Challah bread

Add Meuwly’s honey ham - $3


Meatloaf Dinner (GF) - $20

Beef & bacon meatloaf, tomato jam, mashed potato, vegetables


Braised Beef Shortribs (GF) - $24

Braised on the bone, gravy and mashed potatoes, vegetables

Tuscan Chicken (GF) - $23

Pancetta, spinach, sundried tomato stuffed chicken breast

With basil oil, mashed potatoes, vegetables

Baked Mediterranean Zucchini (V, GF) - $18

Tomatoes, peppers, cannellini beans, and pesto stuffed zucchini. With wild rice

Add garlic shrimp - $9

Add masala paneer - $7

Pork Schnitzel Zigeuner - $20

Fried pork cutlet with tomato, peppers and paprika sauce

With mashed potatoes, vegetables

Weekly Specials

Please ask your server for this week's selections



a la mode - $2


Espresso Cheesecake Jars - $9

Lakeside Farmstead formage blanc,

Amoretti cookie crumb base, chocolate ganache top


Sticky Toffee Pudding - $8

Date spice cake, warm toffee sauce


Lemon Mousse (GF) - $7

With berry compote

Ice Cream Sandwich - $6

Calamar Bakery chocolate chip cookies,

French Vanilla ice cream

For the Kids

Served with house chips

Chicken Strips - $9 

Grilled Cheese - $8

Mini Cheese Burger - $9

Grizzly Paw Soda - $3 

Ginger ale, root beer, grapefruit, orange, 

cream soda,  diet cola, cherry cola 


Speed King Cola - $3

Boocha Yeg - $5

Cherry, blood orange, lavender


Orange, apple or grapefruit juice $3


Milk - 2% or chocolate $3


Real brewed iced tea, sweetened $3


Sparkling Lemonade-$3


Coffee by Roam Roasters - $3.5


Tea -$2.5

Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, Green


Herbal Tea - $2.5

Peppermint, Chamomile, Lemon Zinger


Hot Chocolate $3



(Check our board for rotating specials)

Sea Change The Wolf 473ml- $7.5

Sea Change Prairie Fairy Blackberry Ale 473ml-$7.5

Rural Routes Yo Soy Fiesta Cerveza 473ml- $7.5

 Folding Mountain Lager 473ml- $7.5

Ribstone Creek Keeper’s Point NEPA 473ml- $7.5

Ravenwolf Kolsch - 473ml - $7.5

Hawktail Amber Ale 473ml- $7.5

Familia Long Walk Kveik Pale Ale 473ml - $7.5

Apex Predator Rushing Waters Pilsner  473ml-$7.5

Dog Island Saints and Sinners IPA 473ml- $7.5

Snake Lake Public House Mild Porter 473ml - $7.5

70 Acre Cherry Sour 473ml - $7.5

Gluten-free - Heathen’s (rotating)473ml- $8
N/A - One for the Road rotating 473ml- $7.5





Road 13 Honest John's White - $9/$26

Monte Creek Riesling - $11/$32

Road 13 Honest John's Red - $11/$32

D’Angelo Pinot Noir - $12/$35

Benjamin Bridge Nova7 Sparkling 250ml can- $11


Cider & Coolers


Fallentimber Mr Pink Raspberry Mead 355ml- $7

Fallentimber Meadjito 355ml- $7

Journey North Dry Apple Cider 473ml- $7.5

Broken Spoke Rosé Cider 473ml - $7.5

Troubled Monk Troubled Tea 355ml- $6



The Shaft - $10

vodka, cold brew, coffee liqueur, honey


Cosmo - $10

vodka, raspberry syrup, cranberry, citrus


Old Fashioned - $10

Whisky, bitters, orange, syrup


Manhattan - $10

Whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters


Daquiri - $10

Rhum, lime, sugar


El Marg - $10

Tequila/agave blend, lime, sugar cane, triple sec


Matt & Steve’s Caesar Regular or Spicy - $7

Alcohol-free - Confluence Gin and Tonic - $7


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