Fall Menu


For the Table


Pickle chips - $7

Fried bread and butter pickles with herb dip 


Meat & Cheese Board - $15

Meuwly’s hot and mild pepperoni sticks, 

Cheese Factory beer cheese, dried fruits and nuts,

vanilla blueberry mustard, focaccia 


Corn Bread (GF) - $7

Wedge of warm bread, honey sriracha butter


Served with your choice of house chips, greens or tomato soup

*Gluten-free bread substitute - $2


Spiced Crispy Buttermilk Chicken - $14 

Fried chicken, mixed lettuce, fresh tomato, honey sriracha


Oliver Burger* - $15

5 oz beef and pork patty, aged cheddar,
beer-braised onions, lettuce, pickle, house ketchup

Add bacon - $3


Barnyard Burger - $21

5 oz beef and pork patty, crispy chicken, bacon,
fried egg, tomato jam


Bison Smokey* - $15

Thundering Ground Bison smokey, beer-braised onions, sauerkraut, stout mustard

Add bacon - $3 


Classic BLT* - $14

Add aged cheddar - $2


Grilled Cheese (V)* - $13 

Swiss, aged cheddar on Challah bread

Add Meuwly’s honey ham - $3


Mushroom Toast*(V) - $15

Gruger Family Fungi oyster mushrooms,
sage cream on Danish rye


Just Bacon and Eggs - $13

3 fried eggs, 3 strips maple bacon, toast




Meatloaf Dinner - $19

Beef & bacon meatloaf, tomato jam,

smashed potato, weekly vegetables


Pork Chop - $19

Bone-in chop, chutney,  smashed potato, weekly vegetables


Sirloin Steak- $22

8 oz sirloin, herb butter,  smashed potato, weekly vegetables


Chicken and Mushroom Ragout -  $17

Chicken thighs, Gruger Family Fungi oyster mushrooms, cream,

farfalle pasta, weekly vegetables


Soups and Salads

Classic Tomato Soup (V) - $10

Herb cream, warm cornbread 


Five Bean Chili (V) - $13

Cheese curds, warm cornbread

Big Green Salad (GF,V+) - $13  

Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, radish,  peach vinaigrette

Add crispy buttermilk chicken - $6

Add 4oz sirloin steak - $7

Charcuterie Salad (GF, V)- $16

Meuwly’s coppa, Cheese Factory chili cheddar, mixed greens with shaved fennel,

dried fruit and nuts, tomato wedge, peach vinaigrette


a la mode - $2


Doughnut Coffee Cake- $7

Maple bacon streusel, coffee sauce


Warm Apple Pie - $6

Whipped cream, cinnamon sugar


Pear and Ginger Crumble (GF) - $6


Nutella Meringue Cookies (GF) - $5


For the Kids

Served with house chips

Chicken Strips - $8  

Grilled Cheese - $8

Mini Cheese Burger - $8

Grizzly Paw Soda - $3 

Ginger ale, root beer, grapefruit, orange, 

cream soda,  diet cola, cherry cola 


Phillips Cola - $3


Club soda with lime - $3


Lemon Iced Tea - $3

House-brewed iced tea, sweetened


Coffee - $2.50 cup / 1 Litre Carafe - $9

Battlegrounds Coffee, Devon


Pot of Tea - $2.50

Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, Green, Peppermint, 

Chamomile, Lemon


Juice - $3

Orange, apple or grapefruit juice


Milk - $3

 2% or chocolate

Add a shot to your coffee or tea

Righand Double Double- $5

West of the 5th Espresso Shine - $5

Hansen Cinnamon Rye Spirit - $5



Sea Change The Wolf 473ml- $7

Rural Routes LA Vice Hefeweizen 473ml- $7

Snake Lake Miss Mermaid Pale Ale 355ml- $6

Blindman Kettle Sour 473ml- $7

 Ribstone Creek Lager 35ml- $6

Jasper Crisp Pilsner 355ml- $6

Hawktail Amber Ale 473ml- $7

Siding 14 Brakeman Brown Ale 355ml- $6

Apex Predator White Raven IPA 473ml- $7

Dog Island Foggy Dew NEPA 473ml- $7

Folding Mountain Parkway Porter 473ml- $7

Blindman Icharous Stout 355ml- $7

Gluten-free - Heathen’s IPA 473ml- $8

Alcohol-free - One for the Road Stout 473ml- $7





Road 13 Honest John's White - Oliver - $9/$26

Upper Bench Riesling - Penticton - $11/$32


Road 13 Honest John's Red - Oliver - $9/$26

Haywire Pinot Noir - Kelowna - $12/$34


Benjamin Bridge PetNat Sparkling - $12

/make it a mimosa - $15


Cider & Coolers


Fallentimber Mr Pink Raspberry Mead - $7

Hell's Basement Lovin' Cider - $7

Lekker Cider Sour Cherry Pomme-Pear - $7

Troubled Monk Troubled Tea - $6


Sunday Brunch


Includes two fresh eggs from Morinville Colony

*gluten-free bread substitute - $2


Breakfast Poutine - $17

Crumbled sausage, crispy bacon, Cheese Factory curds,

sunny-side eggs, Hollandaise, breakfast potatoes


Almost Classic Benedict - $15

Meuwly’s ham, aged cheddar, Hollandaise, English muffin

Served with fried breakfast potatoes and fruit salad


Mushroom Benedict - $14

Gruger Family Fungi king oyster mushroom, 

grilled tomato, Hollandaise, English muffin

Served with fried breakfast potatoes and fruit salad


Classic Omelette - $14

Meuwly’s ham, green onion, aged cheddar,
Challah or Rye toast

Served with fried breakfast potatoes and fruit salad


Sausage and Mushroom Skillet - $16

Meuwly’s brunch sausage, Gruger Family Fungi oyster mushrooms, 

pepper, onions, potatoes

Served with Challah or Rye toast


Alberta Plate - $17

Two eggs any style, Meuwly’s brunch sausage, bacon, Challah or Rye toast

Served with fried breakfast potatoes and fruit salad

Just Bacon and Eggs - $13

Three eggs any style, three strips of maple bacon 

Challah or Rye toast, fried breakfast potatoes


Classic BLT* - $14

Served with fried breakfast potatoes

Add aged cheddar - $2




Banana Bread French Toast - $14

Birch syrup whipped cream

Served with fruit salad


Apple, Bacon, and Aged Cheddar 

Buttermilk Pancakes - $16

Three pancakes, maple syrup

Served with fruit salad


Buttermilk Pancakes - $13

Three pancakes, fruit compote,
maple  syrup and whipped cream, 

Served with fruit salad


Granola Parfait - $11

Almond granola, Greek yogurt, banana, berries
and maple syrup


Warm Sour Cherry and 

Chocolate Croissant Pudding -$12

Birch syrup whipped cream

Served with fruit salad

For the Kids

Served with fruit salad


Three Chocolate Chip Pancakes - $8

Two eggs any style, bacon, toast - $8


Fruit salad - $4

Bacon, three slices - $6

Meuwly’s brunch sausage - $6

Buttermilk pancake - $3

Add an egg - $2